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The five most dangerous questions that tenants fail to ask

1) How can I be sure that when I give the owner my security money, he will keep that money separate and not spend it?

View Property Management Inc. is required by law to put your security money in a special account and may not use that money for any purpose except as stated in your lease. Private owners are under no legal obligation to set the money in a special account. Therefore the availability of your money is questionable.

2) How do I know for certain that my family is protected with rekeyed locks and reprogrammed garage remotes through out the house and no one has the key except authorized personnel?

View Property Management Inc. has a company policy that all locks will be newly keyed between tenants and garage remotes will be reprogrammed. You will be given one key, one key will be kept at our office in a key box in a hidden area, under the protection of a security system. There is no state law dealing with the security of locks so you will be on your own to know for sure if the owner has done what he /she has said in protecting your family

3) How do I know that the owner can afford to keep the rental home in proper repairs? This includes the furnace and the air conditioner that could cost several hundred dollars.

View Property Management Inc. has maintenance personnel to insure proper repairs in a timely manner. Private owners may not know who to call for repairs or may not have the finances, so when will the repairs be done?

4) How do I know that the owner understands my rights under Georgia law and will not violate them?

View Property Management Inc. has been managing homes for over 20 years and is required to follow the law in all aspects. Private owners are usually part time landlords and may not be aware of all the rights that you have as a tenant.

5) How do I know that the owner will not spy on me and my family by coming over all the time?

View Property Management Inc. has very strict procedures of when someone will come to your home. You will be notified before we come then left a card saying we have been there. Private owners will do as they like.

View Property Management Inc. strives to keep our tenants happy and secure. Our reputation with our tenants is very important to us. Give us a try!


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