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The five most dangerous questions owners fail to ask

1) Do I know how to tell if the person, who is filling out the rental application, is telling me the truth?

View Property Mgt. Inc. has averaged managing over 130 homes per year for over twenty years and have viewed thousands of applications. We follow strict requirements before we place a tenant. We are one of the few companies that offer both a tenant placement guarantee and an eviction guarantee to our owners.

2) Do I understand all the implications of the fair housing laws concerning protected groups and what my responsibility is towards them?

View Property Mgt. Inc. understands the complex rules that the federal government put into place to protect certain groups. It is extremely important to understand these rules because the consequences can be extremely expensive and time consuming.

3) Do I know all my responsibilities under Georgia law in maintaining my property and can the tenants do the repairs and take it out of their rental payment?

View Property Mgt. Inc. stays current with the laws and has specific knowledge to maintain your property in the best repairs. We know the tricks tenants try to use concerning repairs to avoid paying you your rent.

4) Do I understand all the legal procedures I must follow to remove a tenant from my property and the time restraints?

View Property Mgt. Inc. understands Georgia law is very specific in the procedures to remove a non-paying tenant. We follow these procedures carefully and quickly to insure that the tenant does not stay in your home any longer than possible.

5) Do I want to receive phone calls from tenants at two o’clock in the morning if their toilet over flows?

View Property Mgt. Inc. will do all the interaction with the tenant. We are the one who will receive tenant complaints and problems. When necessary for us to call you, we will call you during normal working hours.

View Property Mgt. Inc. is committed to making your long term investment in rental property a happy and financial success. Give us a try.


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